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It is a matter of humble pride of the highest order and a special happiness to be able to present our Travel and Adventure booklet for Incentive Holidays and Sansui Treks & Expeditions for the years 2015-2017.

In the wake of a post earthquake scenario that recently wrecked our country has certainly not diminished our spirits to carry on and promote Nepal for what it actually represents, its natural beauty. We are still one of the most preferred destinations for exclusive cultural explorations, high and wild adventure, and some of the most thrilling adventure sports on planet earth. Despite Mother Nature playing the role of beauty…and the beast, she has still blessed us with some of the most naturally beautiful ecosystems the world has ever known, and Nepal is still a country of many records and ancient cities that are internationally renowned for being ‘Living Cultural Museums’.

Inside the pages of this booklet, you will find many benchmark holiday itineraries which will give you a heady choice of exciting destinations for you to live your holiday dreams.


Our Philosophy

We have never believed in the old idea of escorted travel where you view sights from the windows of a tour bus and herded around in large groups from spot to spot. We ensure instead you make the most of the limited time you spend with us and introduce you to the true cultures and realities of a vacation within superb hotspots and extraordinary destinations. Wherever possible, we avoid zones of heavy tourism movement and instead give you opportunities to explore hidden treasures rarely seen or visited. We always ensure that there’s an average balance between predictable sightseeing and authentic contact with the local folks and families, and where possible, even share a meal with them; the aim is to go the mile so that our guests get deep insights into medieval traditions that are still practiced in these modern times.

We rigorously research our programs and are always looking for ways to improve our products to stay ahead of our competitors. We always wish to give visitors a sense of purpose as to why they chose to visit Nepal in the first place and this helps us provide our guests with travel experiences of a rare kind.

We are convinced that you will enjoy the contents of our new booklet, and sincerely hope that someday down the road, you will join us on one of ‘Our trips of a Lifetime’.

There’s no better way to help Nepal recover from the massive disasters that hit us with the recent earthquakes than by visiting our country again. We can still assure you of a safe holiday you’d probably find nowhere else.



In Your Services Always,

Hari Man Lama,

Executive Chairman

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